Virtual Book Club

Are you the type of woman who enjoys learning and growing?
Does your summer reading list include any number of non-fiction books?
Do you enjoy the company of other women who value personal and professional growth?
If so, you are going to love what we are about to share with you!

Wholistic Woman Retreats, in partnership with Kettell Coaching, is excited to announce a Summer Virtual Book Club!

We’ve chosen the book, Micro-Resilience, written by Bonnie St. John and Allen P. Haines for our summer reading. This book outlines easy, practical strategies that you can apply every day to increase your resilience, and boost your energy, focus and productivity…things all of us could probably use more of!

By participating in the virtual book club, you will experience the following benefits:


    • It’s always enjoyable to get together in a casual setting and talk about a great book!
    • Book clubs expand your personal views and allow you to gain new insights that you may not have considered on your own.
    • Book clubs offer you an opportunity to connect and get to know other women better in your community.
    • Book clubs can create some accountability to finally read the whole book and put what you read into practice!


The Virtual Book Club will meet via Zoom calls, beginning Monday, July 29 for three (1 hour) Zoom calls. **
We will meet from 7-8 pm on Mondays, July 29, August 12, and August 26.
We will be reading the book slowly and in sections over the 1 month period that the book club spans. Before our first call on Monday July 29, please read up to page 60 in the book.


$40 (non-members)
$35 (members)
Click here for details on membership


Space is limited to 10-15 participants, so early registration is recommended


You might be wondering how the book club differs from the group coaching offerings through Wholistic Woman Retreats.


The most significant difference is that there will not be any coaching during the call. The book club will also allow more participants than our group coaching, which we limit to 6 people in order to allow time for coaching, processing and goal setting. The primary focus of the book club is to have fun with other women, in a casual setting where we can laugh and share our insights together. Coach Donna Kettell will be hosting the calls and engaging the group in a relaxed discussion so members can learn from each other.


Still have some questions?
**Join an optional brief FREE Informational Zoom call on Thurs June 27th or Monday July 8 at 7 pm, to try out Zoom, and ask any questions you still have about the Kettell Coaching Summer Virtual Book Club.


Here are the links for the FREE Informational calls.  Use them on the night of the call to gain access.

Thursday 6/27…

Monday 7/8…


Feel free to invite your friends be part of the summer fun!


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