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Spiritual Presence - A Lost and Found Treasure

eCoach Carol deLaski’s outstanding program, Spiritual Presence, allowed attendees to Learn about having a more personal relationship with God!


Many of us are searching for a more personal relationship with God. We try to see life events through a spiritual lens to find meaning, purpose, and direction.

Like Carol, you may be asking:

  • where is God in my life right now or 
  • how do I connect more to my spirit?

In the face of challenges, we need a living, breathing, practical faith that we can count on.

In this introductory workshop, attendees explored the meaning of Spiritual Presence and learned simple techniques to expand yours to have more peace and calm in your life.

They also discovered ways to calm their racing mind and ground themselves in the present moment with practical tools based on neuroscience.

Lastly, they learned to apply the three foundational beliefs/treasures in Carol’s book, Lost and Found: Discovering Strength in Love and Faith as they explored what spiritual presence means to them.