Spiritual Presence - A Lost and Found Treasure

Starting June 30, 2021

Join Coach Carol deLaski’s outstanding program: Spiritual Presence where you will Learn, Lean In and Live Out a more personal relationship with God!


Learn – Level I


Zoom workshop June 30, 2021 from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Many of us are searching for a more personal relationship with God. We try to see life events through a spiritual lens to find meaning, purpose, and direction.

Like Carol, you may be asking:

  • where is God in my life right now or 
  • how do I connect more to my spirit?

In the face of challenges, we need a living, breathing, practical faith that we can count on.

In this introductory workshop, you will explore the meaning of Spiritual Presence and learn simple techniques to expand yours to have more peace and calm in your life.

Discover ways to calm your racing mind and ground yourself in the present moment with practical tools based on neuroscience.

You will learn to apply the three foundational beliefs/treasures in Carol’s book, Lost and Found: Discovering Strength in Love and Faith as you explore what spiritual presence means to you.


Cost – $19


Lean In – Level II

Build on the Spiritual Presence introductory workshop and learn practical tools to develop your skills of presence with this 5-week learning pod led by Coach Carol. The learning pod will explore the below topics on weekly calls from 7- 8:30 pm ET (limited to 6 participants).

July 6 – Mindful Awareness – what does it mean and how do I do it? Explore the difference between cognitive and embodied self-awareness

July 13 – The Power of Presence – practice techniques to quiet your inner critic and be more centered

July 20 – Presence and Purpose – learn the SIFT practice to stay focused on your purpose

July 27- Presence and Pacing – learn how to consistently choose the pace that will serve you best

Aug 3 – Presence and Intention – learn the Wheel of Awareness to cultivate more wellbeing


Cost – $279 (includes Learn- Level I)



Live Out – Level III


Take it to the next level to Live Out the principles that you learned in Levels I and II.

Let’s be honest, it takes time and focus to develop new and lasting spiritual presence habits, so we have designed this level to help you practice what you’ve learned until it becomes second nature.

Start your level III experience with a private laser coaching call with Carol (30 min; value $75) to focus on your specific needs and intentions.

Then participate in a 30 day practice group guided by Coach Carol . Daily check-ins with a closed Facebook group will provide you with the support you need to solidify your growth in this area. Weekly treasures from Carol will delight and encourage you to fully integrate these techniques for a personally meaningful spiritual presence.


Cost – $399 (includes Learn – Level I and Lean In- Level II)

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