Roots to Rise

Starting March 3, 2021

Join Coach Kim Wilson’s outstanding program: Roots to Rise where you will Learn, Lean In and Live Out your best life!


Learn – Level I

Zoom Workshop March 3, 2021 from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm 

Learn to RISE resiliently with a new confidence and conviction after the challenges of the past year. Heal, grow and transform in 2021. 

To rise strong, we need to stay rooted, grounded, and well-nourished to be able to withstand the storms that come our way.        

During this introductory workshop, you will gain an understanding of the unique concept of primary and secondary foods.  Not only seeing how they are connected but also learning simple tips to better “nourish” your life.   

You will learn about the reasons you may be craving certain foods, have mood changes, and feel stuck or a bit off

Using a mind, body and soul approach, Kim will show you ways to satisfy and nourish your cravings through nourishing foods and those beyond the plate.

You will leave this workshop with a Circle of Life exercise to help you discover your unique, bio-individual roadmap to ‘fill up’ and satisfy for optimal health, happiness and wellbeing. In addition, Kim will share her system for 90 Days to Nourishment. Including a fun, creative 90 day calendar to help you achieve healthier habits. 

The Roots to Rise approach is a unique strategy and formula that will help you overcome resistance, find strength, and an inner Queen who is ready to RISE resiliently.

Cost – $29

Lean In – Level II

Build on Kim’s workshop by joining a learning pod that will meet over 5 weeks to apply and integrate the systems, tools and strategies to take you from strong roots to a resilient rise. 

The learning pod will explore the below topics on weekly calls from 12 – 1:30 pm ET (limited to 6 participants).

March 11 – Getting Back to the Roots: Breaking the blocks and building the foundation – 

March 18 – Don’t Get Stuck in the Muck: Transforming Your Pain to Purpose 

March 25 – Roots to Rise: Simplicity for Success

April 8 – Nourish to Flourish: Primary and Secondary Foods

April 15 – Stay Grounded: The Soul Protection Formula (SPF)

Cost – $279 (includes Learn- Level I)

Live Out – Level III

Take it to the next level to Live Out the principles that you learned in Levels I and II.

Let’s be honest, it takes time and focus to develop new skills and practices, so we have designed this level to help you practice what you’ve learned until it becomes second nature.

Start your Level III experience with a private laser coaching call with Coach Kim (30 min; value $75) to focus on your specific needs and intentions.

Then participate in a practice group guided by Coach Kim. Daily check-ins with a closed Facebook group will provide you with the support you need to solidify your growth in this area. Weekly connections will delight and encourage you to lock-in healthy habits.

The result? You will no longer dim your light that’s been waiting to SHINE! 

Cost – $399 (includes Learn-Level I and Lean In-Level II)

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