Radical Love

May 27, 2020

If ever there was a time for Radical Love, it is now!

Our world is changing by the moment with the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are daily being challenged in new and different ways. We are experiencing a full spectrum of emotions, some of which we cannot even put a name to yet. Loss is happening in some areas while gains are occurring in others.

As we each experience this uncertain time, one thing is for certain…change is constant and the need for Radical Love is GREAT!

Wholehearted Coach Kat Middleton, believes the way to create a ripple effect of love globally, starts right here, right now, with Self-Love and YOU.

Have you ever: 

  • struggled with being hard on yourself?
  • been a victim of your inner critic’s stinking thinking?
  • felt that you have to be tough to survive?
  • felt fear take a hold of you more often than you would like?

Kat has too!

She knows that the more we love ourselves, the more love we will have to offer others. And isn’t that what our world needs most right now? We are wired for connection – to love and be loved. It is as vital for our survival as air and water. But loving ourselves can be hard. We can often be our own worst critic.

Author Karen Casey says it well, “There is probably no expression greater in life more difficult to feel, develop, offer, accept or maintain, than LOVE.”

Yes, it’s difficult…but the rewards are great.

At this virtual retreat, we will explore three ways to increase our overall Radical Love:

  •  Glamour Check-In: A fun celebration of the lessons social distancing is teaching us about beauty, glamour, and feeling good in our own skin.  
  • 3 Self-Love Components: See how vital they are for energy transformation in this time of uncertainty. 
  • The Tapping Experience (EFT): Learn this evidence-based technique that integrates your heart, mind, body, and spirit in a self-healing practice. It gently addresses recent or long-standing issues such as stress, self-critical thinking, and unwanted habits such as excessive worrying…and much more. This technique is a tool for your self-care toolbox that you won’t want to miss. It will help refresh, restore, and re-energize your wellness for this ‘new normal’ time.

Applying these Radical Love techniques, you will discover how to receive more love, offer more love, and fully embrace the limitless possibilities that await you. We are the World!

Join Coach Kat for this evening of Wholistic Connection, Education, and Wholehearted fun!

Location: Your home via Zoom
Time: 6:00-7:30 pm ET
Cost: Sliding scale – pay what you can