Join the Wholistic Woman Community

Be a part of an enriching, supportive and fun community where you will meet likeminded women who believe in lifelong learning.  Being a member will provide opportunities for you to be a part of a community dedicated to self-improvement.

In 2020 we will offer a variety of opportunities for women to get together and develop their whole selves.

  • Wholistic Evening Retreats —Grow personally and professionally through your choice of 8 monthly programs designed to teach skills and provide support in being more of the woman you want to be.
  • Group Coaching — Take your personal development deeper with ongoing support in a coach facilitated small group.
  • Destination Retreat – Travel with our life coaches to Sedona, AZ and learn how to integrate the positive energy of red rock country into your daily life.
  • Be Grateful — Attend our annual appreciation event in November.

Join us at one or more of our retreats to wholistically develop your heart, mind, body, and spirit. Confidently be more of your best self at work and in all areas of your life with our personal and professional development programs.

All events are open to the public and are opportunities to meet and spend quality time with like- minded women-on-the-grow. Click here to view pictures from past retreats on our Facebook page.


As one member says: “I belong to many groups; some to stay connected professionally and others to give back to my community. The Wholistic Woman Community is what I do for me. It’s the one group that I join to support my own growth to become all that I want to be….and that gives me the energy to do all that I do for others, at work and at home.”


Join now to receive these benefits:


  • Discounts on Wholistic Woman Events
  • Direct access to the Wholistic Coaches and their offers of workshops, groups, and classes
  • Guest blogging opportunities to share your strategies for growth
  • Invitation to the annual Gratitude program
  • The support of inspiring and encouraging women
  • Participation in a community that is having a positive and lasting impact on the lives of women


Membership Cost: $85 annually

 *Memberships span one year from the date you sign up.



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