Know Your Money Story

June 24, 2020

Join us for an interactive retreat to get clearer about your past, present, and future relationship with money.

Gain new perspectives about your ‘money story’ to better understand your financial interactions. With greater awareness you will recognize not only your fiscal strengths but also what may be holding you back financially.

Expert Financial Coach Jane Helm knows that our approach to money, and the way we think about saving, spending and budgeting has a big impact on our financial situation. Incorporating her background in social work, Jane teaches that most of our behavior with money is rooted in messages that we received during various life stages. Since those messages can either support or block our success, it’s important to know what they are.

At this retreat you will learn about those life stages and clarify what your money story (or messages) were during each phase. Celebrate the messages that are working for you and debunk the limiting ones.

Discover a wholistic approach to your money; one that integrates your heart (values), mind (thoughts), body (health), and spiritual (grounded) self. 

In short, at this enriching retreat you will:

  • Reduce your stress about money
  • Uncover and understand how your money story has been serving you…or not!
  • Clarify your next steps to improve your relationship with money
  • Feel more focused, confident, and hopeful about your finances

Step into the next best chapter of your Money Story!

Location: Brewer’s Alley (Private Room)
Time: 5:30–7:30 pm
Cost: $30 members | $40 non-members

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