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Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Coach-facilitated groups, which meet on a regular basis to explore an area of common interest, offer many benefits for participants:

  • Skill development and integration: Topical coaching groups focus on a tool, or strategy that the participants want to practice using in their day to day life. Group members ‘check-in’ at each meeting to share observations, note their successes and challenges, and set new intentions until the next meeting. With the coach’s skillful facilitation each participant learns, grows, practices and repeats the process at each coaching session. The tool or technique becomes integrated into their daily life with such consistent attention and practice.
  • Shared perspectives and collective wisdom: Something magical happens when we gather in a safe space to share what we know, as well as to ask for guidance in areas where we want to grow. At times we can feel stuck because ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’. Group coaching brings people with different perspectives together which often leads to “Ah-ha” moments and intriguing discussions.
  • Trustworthy Connections – A cornerstone of group coaching is trust and connection. For connections to be meaningful, it is vital that all participants feel safe to share. Coaches work diligently to create a safe, non-judgmental, space within a coaching group. Confidentiality is a foundational element and is taken extremely seriously.
  • Commitment to growth– Each individual in the group does their own work, cultivating the growth and change h/she desires. In the group environment there is mutual respect and encouragement. We don’t give advice or tell each other what to do, yet we work as a unit. Participants commit to being present for as many of the scheduled meetings as possible. This cohesiveness builds bonds between people, sometimes lasting well beyond the group experience.
  • Accountability –Making a commitment to a group of people can be very powerful. Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to follow through when you know you will be sharing your results with someone? There is something transformational that happens when we declare a goal publicly. Typically, we have more success and follow-through with goals during group work than when we go it alone.
  • Affordability and size– A practical benefit is the cost of group coaching. Groups usually have 6-8 members who share the cost of a coach, making it more affordable. While it is a shared learning and growing environment focused on a specific topic or tool, participants set their unique goals just as they would in a private coaching experience. Each person receives individual attention within the group.
  • It’s more fun! – Group coaching sessions are something that most participants look forward to. It is fun to get together with other people who are in similar situations or who are creating forward momentum in their careers and lives.



Group Coaching Schedule


Money and Strengths


Learn to manage your money more effectively using your personal strengths/style.


Dates – May 18, June 1, June 15, June 29, July 13  and 27


Time: 7-8 pm via Zoom calls


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