Carol deLaski

Carol deLaski

Carol deLaski

Founder and CEO, Wholistic Coaching Coalition, LLC

Carol deLaski is a professional certified coach, author, and energetic facilitator who is passionate about developing the strengths and resilience of individuals and organizations. She is the author of a unique coaching book, Lost and Found: Discovering Strength in Love and Faith.

As an executive coach Carol works one-on-one with leaders to develop self-awareness, action, and accountability designed to help clients achieve their professional and life goals. As a result of working with Carol clients gain clarity, confidence, and personally effective strategies to reach and sustain success.

Carol has a proven ability to create and lead interactive programs which improve engagement, communication, leadership, strengths, and positive work cultures. Her experiential programs promote self-discovery, internal learning, and action-oriented results.

Using her top strengths of Empathy, Strategic, Positivity, Developer, and Woo (based on Strengths Finder 2.0) Carol skillfully listens, reflects, and helps clients clarify their vision and identify action steps. Her clients learn strategies to overcome the obstacles which block them by capitalizing on their natural talents and abilities. Carol has a gift for connection, encouragement, and developing high trust with individuals and with groups.

Prior to starting her coaching company in 2008, Carol spent over 25 years in telecommunications and teaching. Her lifelong passion for highly effective communication and human development led her to become an executive coach. She has a B.S in Education and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation. She is a certified Master Practitioner of Energy Leadership; an assessment and 7 level framework which improves employee interactions and engagement. She is in the process of certification as an Action Learning Coach through the World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL).

Carol is the Founder and CEO of Wholistic Woman Retreats, a passion driven organization which provides personal and professional development programs. Carol leads a cohort of coaches to provide enriching, supportive, and fun experiences for the Wholistic Woman Community, focusing on the development of the whole woman – heart, mind, body, and spirit. The coalition includes a variety of partner coaches who bring a broad range of expertise to the Wholistic Woman Community.

Her book, Lost and Found: Discovering Strength in Love and Faith was published in 2014.

Through storytelling and reflection questions Carol expertly guides readers to develop their inner strength and wisdom, effectively equipping them to be more resilient and confident in facing life’s adversities. In the book she shares her own journey while respectfully meeting the readers where they are and inviting them to explore lessons of love and faith in the way that best suits them. She offers retreats, workshops, and book groups based on Lost and Found for individuals and organizations who wish to explore the principles and materials further.

Carol is a native of Maryland and currently resides in the Frederick area with her sweetheart, Greg. She is a member of ICF, Business Networking International (BNI), and enthusiastically practices daily habits of curiosity, gratitude, and lifelong learning. One of Carol’s most treasured joys is seeing her young adult sons become the incredible men they are while consciously developing her own life and purpose.