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How many of us can say that we have a portrait of ourselves hanging in our home that makes us feel like WE ARE ENOUGH?

And that this portrait fills you with self-love, empowerment and healing?

Ever since first picking up a camera, I became aware of the healing and transformative power of photography.  Through my own personal journey of healing, turning to photography was my highest form of expression.  I know firsthand it can be very difficult to express oneself with words, because quite honestly, sometimes there are no words for what we are going through.  It is during these moments that I have found photography to be the next best thing.  Through the lens, I am a humble witness to the unfolding and revealing of a soul’s authentic beauty.

This is how Soul Print Photography and the concept of healing portraiture was created.  I define healing portraiture as “the beauty and illumination of the soul using a healing depiction of an individual with the use of photographic artistry”.  We all desperately need individuals in our lives who will see and honor BOTH our light and our darkness.  Even on our healing journeys, whether at the beginning, middle or the advanced level, and with all of the transformations we experience, there will always be a piece of us- a shadow that exists within us- that even though uncomfortable needs to be validated.  We can’t exist without the other; it’s the Yin to our Yang.  This form of honoring our spirit is what also inspired the concept of healing portraiture; to help support and empower others who are on their path of healing by using a more non-traditional form of expression.

I feel humbled and blessed to be on this journey and to have met some amazing people who have shared their personal life stories with me.  I look forward to many more of these sessions and encourage you to gift yourself or someone you know with a healing portrait.  The beauty of healing portraiture is that it is available to people of all ages.  There are no requirements; simply take the first step to schedule a consultation and more information on what is involved and how to get started.


Today’s guest blogger is WWR Alliance Partner, Shannon Wagner.  Shannon recently captured the full range of emotions that women felt at the Wholistic Woman Adventure Retreat – Courageous You.  If you would like to learn more about her transforming photography, you can visit  her website  or email her at  (All information is kept confidential).  Also, if you would like to see what Shannon is  up to on a more frequent basis she would love to have you follow her Facebook page at

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”